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<div class="bann-price"> <span class="first"></span> <span class="second"></span> <span class="third"></span>     <div class="name">IBC Announces New Shipping Charges</div>    <div class="name"></br>We look forward to hearing from you!<br /></div>    <span> Contact our Operations Department </span>     <div class="but-container"> <a href="" target=”_blank”> Check New Rates! </a> </div> </div> <div class="bann-price"> <span class="first"></span> <span class="second"></span> <span class="third"></span>     <div class="name"> Trend Christmas Schedule </div>    <div class="name"> Customer Services open 28th-30th Dec<br /></div>    <span> Order by 5pm on 19th December to receive by 23rd December</br> Shipments made on the 23rd December, within the UK, will be delivered to shipment address on 29th December. </span>     <div class="but-container"> <a href="" target=”_blank”> Order now! </a> </div> </div> <div class="bann-price"> <span class="first"></span><span class="second"></span><span class="third"></span>    <div class="name"> </br> </br> IBC wishes </br> all our </br> customers & suppliers </br> A Peaceful Yuletide </br> & </br> Happy New Year </div>    <span> Please feel free to Contact us </span>     <div class="but-container">  <a href=""> Customer Support </a> </div> </div> <div class="bann-price"> <span class="first">Relay Express</span><br /> <span class="second"></span><span class="third"></span>    <div class="name"> Dublins Premier Online Couriers <br /> </div>   <span></span>    <div class="but-container"> <a href=""> Try them out today! </a> </div> </div> <div class="bann-price"> <br /> <span class="first">23% OFF</span> <br /> <span class="second"></span> <span class="third"></span>     <div class="name"><br /> </div>    <div class="name"> Best-priced printer ink and toner online in Ireland. <br /> </div>    <span> 23% discount on your first purchase</span>     <div class="but-container"> <a href="" target=”_blank”> Check them out! </a> </div> </div>

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